It appears that there is no longer a thing like a “standard business procedure”, even in an open industry like moving. This leaves a customer with the responsibility of asking questions regarding moving, and being fully clear on the costs and what the agreement on pricing includes, or else you will be surprised once a final bill is sent.

To assist you in avoiding such unpleasant surprises, here are some tips on how to head into the moving day with confidence.



Inform The Removalist About All The Essential Information Before Agreeing On The Price

Begin with issuing the removalist with a detailed and precise inventory and the number of boxes you will move. Will the movers navigate stairs, or there is a spacious elevator to carry furniture?

Will you request them to disassemble and package some furniture? Are there any fragile items that will require special handling? Are you prepared with the right packing materials? Plan beforehand and find some free packing materials and moving boxes, and you will save some money.

Ensure you are clear about the things included in the quote for moving, and don’t request the moving personnel to do anything else. Adding extras at the last minute might be expensive.


Make Arrangements For Parking Beforehand

Is there likelihood that the moving truck would not be parked directly outside your new home? In case of such a scenario, secure a parking permit in advance to avoid any long carry charges or delays in time.

Most cities demand that moving tracks should have special permits to allow them to occupy several parking spaces for a longer period. Application for such permits may take some few weeks. Observing good moving day etiquette will translate to a straightforward and smooth move.


Empty All The Shelves, Cabinets, And Drawers

Movers may not transport furniture with its drawers filled up. Your boxes require being accounted for as per the agreed quote if you pack the items on your own.

If the moving personnel realize that they will do the emptying, you might be charged for the extra labor and packing materials. This can also delay your move, attracting a wait time fee if you will do the packing on your own.


Don’t Add Extra Stops Along The Way

If you want to grab an item from a storage facility in another place along the way, it might be recorded as extra time, and you may be charged for it.

You may also get charged for any distance detoured from the initially planned route. Hence, do all errands before your mover arrives.


Avoid Adding Items To The Inventory At The Last-Minute

If the moving quote has been calculated using your inventory, which is a formula used by most movers, any additions at the last-minute may increase the cost.

If possible, transport any leftover belongings on your own to avoid extra and costly additions to the initial inventory.


Provide Your Removalist With Clear Directions

Nowadays, most movers have GPS systems, but offer them with a precise location on where to find you, especially if you reside in an apartment building, or if they would have to navigate an alley or there is a specific parking arrangement that has to be met.

Any extra time spent trying to trace your home, whether the old or new one, will attract an extra fee. More information on


If You Are Moving Out Or Into An Apartment Building, Be Clear On Its Guidelines And Adhere To Them

If your apartment has certain regulations about the times that are and are not allowed for moving or delivering, necessary elevator reservations, limitations on parking,  or any other thing that may delay pickup or delivery of your items, then you may be charged for the wait time.

If your belongings arrive too late and the deliveries are not allowed after a specific hour, you might be charged for “storage-in-transit” for the movers to hold your items overnight. Delivery would be made the next day, and it will attract a re-delivery fee.

If you have planned and organized all the details of your move, you are prepared with your inventory and boxes, and you know the exact details of where you are moving to, then you can easily avoid any surprise charges during the moving day.