Moving day can be chaotic. The last thing that you need is to find yourself worried about all kinds of things you didn’t even think of after all of your stuff ends up in boxes.

So by having these five essential items, you should be better prepared to deal with a few common hiccups. It is going to make your moving process a little bit easier, and might just have you getting that coveted deposit back from your landlord as well.


couple getting ready for moving day


  1. White Shoe Polish

Sure, you’re thinking “why would I need white shoe polish?” If you have white baseboards in the house you are moving out of, you can save yourself some later listed charges from your landlord by cleaning up any scuffs that might exist along these boards.

White shoe polish is really cheap and really simple to use if you buy the one with the attached applicator. So give yourself a better chance at nabbing that deposit by getting this.


  1. Toothpaste

Yeah, you need to get some toothpaste. Chances are you have hung up things in the house you are moving out of, and to keep yourself from having to incur charges against the deposit you made or get out the messy spackle, you really only need some white toothpaste.

Dab a little onto your finger and swipe it over the nail or screw hole in the wall. Then you just have to gently cut off the excess and you’re good to go. Touch up with a little paint if the wall isn’t white and it is like no picture was ever on your wall at all.


  1. Skateboard

Save your back with the use of a skateboard. While you should be mindful of their weight limits, you can easily push your boxes and small furniture to the moving truck instead of putting all the strain on your back.

It’s a win-win situation for you and any of your moving team.


  1. Tape Dispenser

You likely can see the benefits in having packing tape for all the boxes of stuff that you are going to have to load up into a truck. What you might consider skimping on is the dispenser for this tape, but that would be a mistake.

This helps you to cut off the right portions that you need, keeps it ready to be used again and again, and keeps the tape from sticking to itself. That’s a small amount of money well spent.


  1. Permanent Markers

Staying organized on moving day is very hard to do. While you might have had big dreams of every box having its place and everything staying orderly, that likely isn’t how it happened at all.

Use that permanent marker to keep yourself informed about what is in each box so it isn’t a disastrous mystery when you arrive at the new house.

These are five must-have items when it comes to your moving day, and likely 5 items that you didn’t even really think about having until now.

Hopefully, with a little bit of planning and preparation, your moving day doesn’t need to be so chaotic and your landlord is so happy with how his property looks that he has no issues giving you the full deposit back.

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